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Building My Dream: A Progress Update on Layerfab's New Print Farm and Office

I'm excited to share an update on my journey of building a dedicated print farm and office space for Layerfab. This new facility is located in an outhouse on my parents' farm, and it will allow me to move production and packing out of my bedroom, creating a more efficient and professional environment for my work.

The construction process is well underway, and I'm thrilled with the progress we've made so far. The flooring is now complete, providing a sturdy foundation for the printers and equipment. This week, I'm focusing on setting up the networking infrastructure to ensure seamless connectivity for all devices.

If all goes according to plan, I'm aiming to move my existing Bambulab printers into the new space this weekend. I'll also be setting up my pre-ordered Ratrig Vcore 4 IDEX printer when it arrives in a couple months. I will also have a desktop computer, and smart technology using home assistant to optimize my workflow. One of the key features I'm incorporating is a ventilated area specifically designed for printer safety, ensuring a healthy working environment for myself and any future team members.

This expansion will enable me to streamline my products and improve my R&D capabilities, allowing me to develop and test new ideas more effectively. While I've faced some challenges along the way, such as setting up CPE point-to-point internet and working with a limited 16A 220V power supply, I'm confident that I'll overcome these hurdles as Layerfab grows.

I'm pouring my heart and soul into this project, and I can't wait to share the final result with you. Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to build my dream workspace and push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of 3D printing. Thank you for being a part of my journey!

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