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Meshtastic - TerraNode (IN STOCK)

Meshtastic - TerraNode (IN STOCK)

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Transform your Meshtastic experience with the TerraNode, the latest innovation equipped with a Heltec V3 module and a high-capacity 18650 battery. This device is your gateway to enhanced connectivity on the Meshtastic network.

Key Features:

Latest Heltec V3 Technology: Incorporates USB-C and the SX1262 LoRa node chip, offering superior performance and convenience.

Pre-Flashed Software: Ready to pair with your phone right out of the box, eliminating the hassle of software setup.

High-Capacity 18650 Battery Included: Equipped with a genuine high-capacity 18650 battery, the TerraNode ensures extended usage times and reliable performance, making it ideal for those who demand the best in power and longevity.

Colour Customization: Choose from a wide range of colours to personalize your device to your liking, from bold to subtle tones.

Recessed Screen Protection: The OLED screen is recessed for maximum protection, ensuring longevity and clarity.

Ergonomic Design: Designed with user comfort in mind, making it ideal for extended conversations.

Antenna Flexibility: Tested with an array of SMA antennas at LayerFab, all of which fit perfectly, ensuring easy future upgrades.

Durability and Portability: Made from high-quality PLA, this device is both robust for any adventure and light enough to carry without burden.

Accessible Ports: Thoughtfully designed to ensure easy access to all necessary ports and connectors, facilitating seamless connections.


Heltec v3 frequency Range: 868-928MHz

Upgraded antenna frequency: 868MHz

Upgraded antenna Gain: 3.5dBi

Battery Capacity: 3100mAh

Case Material: PLA

What's Included:

1x TerraNode Pre-Flashed Device

Shipping Information:

Ships within 1 Day from the United Kingdom.

For even better performance, consider upgrading to our high-gain 868MHz rubber duck antenna .

For questions or additional information, please contact us. LayerFab is dedicated to delivering quality components for your projects.

Upgrade to the TerraNode today and enjoy a superior Meshtastic network experience!

Meshtastic® is a registered trademark of Meshtastic LLC. Meshtastic software components are released under various licenses, see GitHub for details. No warranty is provided - use at your own risk.

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