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THE KNIGHT T3S3/LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 Meshtastic Case

THE KNIGHT T3S3/LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 Meshtastic Case

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Introducing the KNIGHT – part of our Chess series of cases designed to meet all your Meshtastic needs. The KNIGHT offers a stylish and practical solution for your desk node in an incredibly compact form factor. Despite its small size, the KNIGHT is the smallest case on the market capable of housing 18650 batteries, compatible with the Lilygo T3-S3 or LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 boards.
Be sure to check out our store for other options in the Chess series, including cases optimized for portable and mobile use. And for bulk orders, we offer custom branding options to make your Meshtastic devices uniquely yours – perfect for clubs, events, or corporate use.
Key Features:

18650 battery compatibility – The KNIGHT is designed to work with popular 18650 batteries, providing ample power for your desk node.
Ultra-compact design – As the smallest case available for 18650 batteries, the KNIGHT saves valuable desk space without compromising on performance.
Durable construction – Crafted from robust carbon fiber PLA for lasting strength and a premium look.
Integrated lanyard loop – Easily attach the KNIGHT to your keychain or backpack with the built-in lanyard hoop.
Battery-ready – The KNIGHT includes battery contacts and a BMS, allowing you to add your own 18650 batteries with some simple soldering.
Custom branding available – Make the KNIGHT truly yours with custom branding options for bulk orders.
Compatible with Lilygo T3-S3 or LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 boards – Designed to seamlessly integrate with your choice of Lilygo T3-S3 or LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 board.

Package Contents:
1 x KNIGHT desk node case
1 x Set of battery contacts
1 x Battery management system (BMS)
Assembly Required:
To complete your KNIGHT desk node, you will need to solder the included battery contacts to the BMS and then to the appropriate connector on your Lilygo T3-S3 or LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 board. This process requires basic soldering skills and equipment.
Note: This listing includes the KNIGHT case, battery contacts, and BMS only. Lilygo T3-S3 or LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 board, appropriate connector, 18650 batteries, and other components are not included and must be purchased separately.
We're confident you'll appreciate the KNIGHT's blend of style, durability, and convenient features for your desk node setup, all while maximizing desk space with its compact 18650-compatible design. And don't forget to explore the rest of our Chess series for the perfect case to meet your portable and mobile Meshtastic needs.

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