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THE ROOK PRO Complete Device Heltec V3 Meshtastic

THE ROOK PRO Complete Device Heltec V3 Meshtastic

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GT-U7 Module

Introducing the ROOK PRO Meshtastic Device – the ultimate all-in-one solution for your off-grid communication needs. Building upon the popular ROOK design, the ROOK PRO offers a complete, ready-to-use Meshtastic device with enhanced functionality, all while maintaining the stylish, rugged, and super compact design you love. The ROOK PRO is the first Meshtastic device on the market to feature a built-in rotary encoder and the smallest GPS case available.

Unique Features:

- First Meshtastic device on the market with a built-in rotary encoder
- One of the smallest GPS Heltec devices available

Included Features:

- Heltec V3 board – Pre-installed and Flashed With the latest Meshtastic firmware.
- EC11 rotary encoder – Quickly access canned messages and control your device with a convenient EC11 rotary encoder, featuring both switch and rotary sensing. This allows you to use your Meshtastic device standalone, without the need for a connected phone. Set up your own canned messages, such as "On my way," "Running late," or "Meet at the usual spot," for quick communication on the go.
- UFL to SMA adapter – Easily connect the included antenna for improved range and performance.
- Threaded inserts for mount attachment – More secure, and no more tiny, fiddly bolts to lose.
- Premium materials – Printed in carbon-filled PLA, greatly increasing strength and reducing the appearance of layer lines.
- 1800mAh Li-po battery included – Enjoy long-lasting performance with the included high-capacity battery.
- MOLLE Compatible – Use it with all your MOLLE gear, with two 27mm wide strap slots.

Optional GPS Integration:

- GT-U7 GPS module – Easily integrate a GT-U7 GPS module for location tracking and sharing. Select "Yes" from the drop-down menu to include this optional feature with your ROOK PRO Meshtastic Device.

Package Contents:

1 x ROOK PRO Meshtastic Device (Heltec V3 board pre-installed)
1 x 1800mAh Li-po battery
1 x Spring-loaded Belt clip
1 x EC11 rotary encoder (pre-installed)
1 x UFL to SMA adapter
1 x Antenna
2 x M3 bolts for attaching clip and accessories
1 x Hex Key for installing clip and accessories
1 x GT-U7 GPS module (if selected from the drop-down menu)

We are confident that you will love the ROOK PRO Meshtastic Device. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us, and we will make it right.

Note: This listing includes the Heltec V3 board, UFL to SMA adapter, an 1800mAh Li-po battery, and an antenna. The GT-U7 GPS module can be included by selecting "Yes" from the drop-down menu.

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